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We, Dogu Law Office

Interlegal, is a general practice law firm in Turkey, focusing on all aspects of law with priority to maritime, transport and commercial law.

Dogu Law Office was founded in 1996, by Mr. Mehmet Sıtkı Doğu who has been providing services to the maritime industry in Turkey and abroad for over twenty-five years and has been providing legal services to foreign and Turkish companies and real persons.

Although a significant part of our practice involves maritime, transport and commercial issues with Turkish and international elements, we handle all aspects of law as well as assisting Turkish and foreign clients in coordinating and responding to their legal needs in connection with disputes regarding international elements, and when necessary, we also coordinate their needs with the international institutes and law firms that we are in co-operation within other countries.

Doğu Law Office had a long outstanding relationship with Interlegal Law Firm of Odessa and finally this successful relationship has transformed into a partnership in 2014, with the accumulated experience enabling us to provide “complete” services and solutions to our clients as our aim is to practice at global standards of service quality.


  • 30.01.2019
    Defendants Were Brought to Court
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  • 30.01.2019
    Legal Procedures are Shortening
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  • 30.01.2019
    Changes in Customs Clearance
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About Us

  • Av. Mehmet Sıtkı Doğu


    Av. Mehmet Sıtkı Doğu: Being a member of a shipping family for generations with master mariner ancestors, Av. Mehmet S. Doğu was graduated from Istanbul University, Faculty of Law, member of the Istanbul Bar and Turkish Chamber of Shipping. Mr. Dogu has been practicing in the area of maritime and shipping law, litigation, international and commercial law in Turkey and abroad for over thirty years by providing services as consultant and attorney.
    He has completed his national service in the Turkish Navy and also succeeded HSE Part1 Commercial Diving Course and Non-Destructive Testing Course in Fort Bovisand Commercial Diving Center, Plymouth, U.K. (Certified by HSE, U.K.)

    Languages: English (Advanced), Japanese (intermediate), Russian (Intermediate)

  • Av. Selin Kulturel Darendeli

    Av. Selin Kulturel Darendeli:
    Selin Kulturel has joined Dogu Law office – Interlegal as of October 2015. She is practicing in maritime claims, charterparty disputes as well as all aspects of ship finance, banking and general commercial law. She has particular experience in ship sale & purchase transactions. She studied at Notre Dame De Sion French High School and graduated from Galatasaray University and obtained her LLM degree from University of Nantes. She is a member of Istanbul Bar Association. She is fluent in English and French.

    Languages: English, French

  • Av. Korhan Pars

    Av. Korhan Pars: Graduated from İstanbul Bilgi University, Faculty of Law and he is a member of İstanbul Bar Association. Mr. Pars has been working in the area of shipping law, corporate law, litigation, labour law and criminal law.

    Languages: English

  • Av. Mert Tuna Akartuna

    Av. Mert Tuna Akartuna: Graduated from Ankara University, Faculty of Law. He is a member of İstanbul Bar Association. Mr. Akartuna has been working on maritime law, litigation, insurance law, penal law, administration law, civil and labor law.

    Languages: English, Portuguese (Upper-Intermediate), Spanish(Intermediate)

  • Av. Nil Çolakoğlu

    Av. Nil Çolakoğlu: Graduated from Yalova University-Faculty of Law. She is a member of Istanbul Bar Association. Ms. Colakoglu is working on the field of maritime law, commercial law, law on protection of personal data, international private and procedural law, civil and labour law, debt enforcement and bankruptcy law and litigation. She is also a scuba diver.

    Languages: English

Area of Expertise

Shipping: Collisions, groundings, salvage operations claims and disputes, exercising of maritime lien rights, ship arrest, Cargo disputes, Charterparty and Bills of Lading disputes, Ship Sale and Purchase, Shipbuilding Contracts, Carriage of Passengers By Sea, Disputes arising from International Sales on Shipment Terms, P&I, H&M, Cargo Insurance claims, Reinsurance claims, Pollution claims, Particular and General Average Adjustment Services

Aviation: Sales and Chartering Agreement

Corporate Law: Corporate Foundation and Liquidation, Partnership Agreements, Mergers and Acquisition

Business Enterprise Law

Contractual Law: Sale and Purchase Agreements, Distributions Agreements, Joint Ventures, Hire Agreements etc

Intellectual and Property Rights

Business and Finance, Foreign Capital Investments

International Commerce and Competition Law

Arbitration: International, National and ADR

Labour Law

Criminal Law




Contact Info

Doğu Law Office

Doğu Law Office

Phone: +90 (212) 234 51 83

Fax: +90 (212) 234 51 87

E-Mail: info@dogulaw.com

Cumhuriyet Cad. No:115 / 8 Sipahi Ap. PK:34367 Harbiye / İstanbul TURKEY

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